Tore Bråthen // Love Exit Orchestra // Foto av iTent

New Nordic Jazz from the South of Norway

From LEO with love

Love Exit Orchestra is a magical little jazz­‐ensemble from the south of Norway. Soon to release a brand new album in 2016.

Smooth and lovely jazz, to accompany your teacup­‐moments with charm and personality. With warmth and beauty, LEO creates the music playfully and with an open heart. Melodic jazz with exiting harmonics and presence. 

The Beginnings

A chance meeting between the swedish bass-player Fredrik Sahlander and norwegian soul, pop and reggae-singer Sheila Simmenes, quickly developed into a musical playfulness and experimentation in jazz. The duo soon expanded into a trio with Tore Bråthen on trumpets, and then developed into a quintet with Runar Nørsett on piano and Jens Nyland on drums.

The Music

Though the musicians individually comes from various backgrounds - soul, reggae, hiphop, bigband, jazz and pop - the combined sound of the ensemble is deeply rooted in the traditional jazz of the 1940ies, with expanded elements of modern scandinavian pop and soul. The live experience is a an intimate and warm journey, floating on the melodic style and playful improvisations of the ensemble. The vocals, sweet and affectionate, tells you secrets and stories from a young hearts diary of love, betrayal and hope - while the exquisite instrumentation and thoughtful arrangements by the band creates the full bodied soundscape that haunts you long after the show is over. 

New Album in 2016

In 2016 the band will release their debut album "Darling", with a selction of new music written and arranged by the band. Produced in the south of Norway, and mixed in New York by Nick Sansano (Public Enemy, Ice Cube, osv), and mastered by Alan Silverman with Arf Productions(Michael Bublé, Chaka Khan).


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